Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Winter Veil Song released!!!!

The 12 Days of Winter Veil was the "Drop of the Week" this week on The Instance! It follewed that with being featured on Convert to Raid. Now it's available to you! Feel free to listen and download and share. Please point folks back here.

And you can download HERE by right clicking and saving link as.

And watch the video....

I'm super stoked about this and want to give proper thanks to all those who participated.

Day 1: Choir
Day 2: Kevin-Host SuperNumberOne Podcast and @TheFourtree
Day 3: Zhug Earthen Ring US-Host: Convert to Raid Podcast
Day 4: JohnnyFeisty Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: The Hunting Hunter
Day 5: Choir
Day 6: AcuZod Earthen Ring US-Host: AIE Podcast, Segment Producer: Overly Dramatic News
Day 7: Hunts the Wind Earthen Ring US-Correspondent: Overly Dramatic News
Day 8: RevnGeek Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Real Azerothian Heroes, Real AIE Genius and Raising a Raider
Day 9: Alludra Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Alludra’s Pet Guide and Mannerly Mage
Day 10: Ghomus Earthen Ring US-Host: AIE Podcast
Day 11: Kephas Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Mod Minute
Day 12: Scott Johnson Earthen Ring US-Host The Instance Podcast

Spoken Voices:
Koltrane Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Solarflair Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Athaerick Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
BooBear daughter of RevnGeek and Jindeson-Talent: Raising a Raider Segment
Zhug Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Kevin-Host SuperNumberOne Podcast and TheFourTree

Lurxx Lightning's Blade US
Altablast Earthen Ring US
Jindeson Earthen Ring US
HuntsTheWind Earthen Ring US Overly Dramatic News Correspondent
Zhug Earthen Ring US and Convert to Raid Podcast
RevnGeek Earthen Ring US

Percussion Arranged by Cole Cullen


  1. Loved the song!

    Keep up the cool work!


  2. Soooooo awesome! It was great hearing voices from the several podcasts i listen to.