Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Raising a Raider #49 Won't You Come and Raid with Me

Gamu answers the call of a good friend and faces off against Ragnaros!

Real Azerothian Heroes #54 Mr I'll Tank Everything

Yeah we see....You're awesome...(Slow clap)

Raising a Raider #48- The OT Stands Alone

Gamu runs with some careless DPS but a noble MT.

Real Azerothian Heroes #53 Mr Who Moved my Monestary


Raising A Raider #47 Peek-a-blue I Didn't See You

Gamu sees a few folks learn a harsh lesson in raid awareness.

Real Azerothian Heroes #52 Mr. Where'd Everyone go?

Cut the "EasySauce" stuff. There's still plenty in LFR that can kill you if you don't know what you're doing.

Raising a Raider #46 Beginning Anew for Gamu

Gamu get's after a new raid tier.

Real Azerothian Heroes #51 Mr. Node Ninja

He's wily and quick, and has you ready to smash your keyboard.