Friday, November 11, 2011

12 Days of Winter Veil Choir Casting Call!!!!

EDIT: The Time for submissions has passed. The Song is finished and will be released soon. Details on which shows it will be featured on will be posted on twitter @Revngeek and on this blog.

Assignment: Winter Veil Parody
Seeking: Singers and instrumentalists
When’s it due: Monday Dec 5th

Note, there is now a NERF! Many were finding the instructions below confusing. No problem here's a new track to sing along with, if all you want to sing is the choir melody. You will hear the lovely tones of Huntsthewind. Sing what he sings when he sings it. Again send back just your voice. Have fun!

Nerfed Sing along track

A while back I did a song about AIE, in which I did it “Playing for Change” style. Don’t know what that is? Click here …It’s cool I’ll wait…Ok, cool huh? I wanted to do something with folks from all over recording a song together too. How did the AIE song turn out? Well, click here ……yeah I’ll wait again. Well Winter Veil is almost upon us and I’ve written a take on “The 12 Days of Christmas”, if you don’t know what that is…Google it.

Anyway, I want to include as many people as I can. So, there are solos and a choir part. Most of the solos, I have people in mind for, but the choir is open call! That’s right YOU can be in the choir!

How can you accomplish this? There are things I can provide but some things you’ll need. You will need a decent microphone to record with and a program to record JUST YOUR VOICE. Either use a program that will let you track record you with the track and then isolate your vocal track, or load the file on an mp3 player or one computer and record on another. Please send the file in a high quality mp3 format. You’ll need to email it to revngeek at geemaildotcom I split that up so to avoid spam crawlers use the normal gmail spelling. :)

I’m providing recordings of the parts:

The Melody - This would be the easiest to try.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and wanting to get back in touch with your high school choir days? I’ve got some harmony parts. Here they are alone with a 2,3,4,1 click to get you started on the first beat. This is my first attempt a 4 part arranging, so be kind.

Harmony line 1 (alto-ish)

Harmony line 2 (tenor-ish)

Harmony line 3 (bass-ish)

But Revn it’s hard to do those parts by themselves…well then have them with the melody in one ear and the harmony in the other.

Split (alto-ish)

Split (tenor-ish)

Split (bass-ish)

But Revn, I don’t sing so good, but I play a mean (insert instrument here)!
Then use this instrumental track and get funky

Now the lyrics:
As a Choir member you have :
On the first day of Winter Veil Blizzard Gave to me...
a mount and Diablo 3.

On the second day of Winter Veil Blizzard Gave to me...(space)
And a mount and Diablo 3.

On the third day of Winter Veil Blizzard Gave to me...(space)
And a mount and Diablo 3.

Etc through all 12 days. Do note that day 12 the intro and outro stretch out.
You also will sing all the day 5’s this is a badly illustrated notes up and down version: You will likely just sing day 5’s intro right into the 5th day line, but for 6-12 there will be a break.


Also for Days 9 and 11 the line changes

Coming -----------------awwwww
----------------- Month

------------I got
At Least------------- pet

I’m keeping the rest of the lyrics under wraps JJ Abrams style for now.
Any questions feel free to email at above address or DM twitter revngeek.
Excited to get started on choir assembly…get recording my minions!!!!!

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